Airline manager game tutorial for beginers.

Before get start with airline manager game tutorial. Let me tell something about it. The game is developed by xombat development. You can download it from playstore. it is available for both ios and android operating has more than 500 thousands downloads. Xombat produce games like shipping manager game and airline manager games.

How to start with airline manager game.Airline manager game

First of all you just need to download it from playstore. You can search for the game in playstore.after downloading it you just have to login in the game with your facebook account.After successful login you have to select the name of your airline.

After selecting the name of airline you will get a plane in your hanger. Now you just have two options to start the game one of them is selling the airplane and purchasing small planes or you can assign a route to the airplane. you can easily sell and buy new plane. So don’t talking about this I am simply starting with assigning a root for your plane.

Assigning a root.

You can assign a root to your airplane only if you have a plane in your hanger. You can select roots from more than 3000 airports. I suggest you to chose one root that can make you some profit. Choose flights by demands.


After choosing a right path. You have to take the flights. Go to the flights section and start making on flights.If you find that flight is not making profit for you change the path.

Another ways to earn in airline manager game.

Another ways are there if you want to earn some more in game are by investing in stock of other plane airways. You can do promotion of path because it increase the sales.


So the game is very easy to start this tutorial is only for beginers. You can comment below for any query.