How to make money with facebook app :

Every one has a question in his mind .That how to make money. Many peoples doing 9 to 5 jobs for the money . And some else using online platforms to earn money. hence everyone making money . So if you want to know how to make money from Facebook app. This article is for you . First of all I tell you that there is no shortcut to earn money from Facebook . You have to do daily work .It’s hard to do it in start .But it’s almost simple. Therefore if you work with routine you will probably get results . First of all I will give you information about Facebook app. Then I will tell the probably best ways to make money. So without wasting the time. Let’s get started.

How to make money

Facebook app :

Facebook app is a product of Facebook company. You can simply download the Facebook app from Google playstore. Nowadays everyone is using Facebook . Hence if you want to make money .First of all make a account on the app.                                  Now you can make a page or group. In order to earn money you have to post on your page daily and make it popular. More the peoples like your page the more is your income.

Ways to earn money from Facebook:

Everyone want to earn money .so if you want to earn money online facebook is a must have option for you. There are many ways you can earn money from Facebook.therefore I will tell you all the provable ways to earn money. So let’s get started don’t forget to share this articles with your Facebook friends.

  • By promoting products : so if you have a Facebook page or group with good audience . You can contact different product sellers and promote there products on your Facebook fan page or group and can charge a commission on sale .
  • By selling pages or group: you can earn a good ammount of money by selling your popular page or group which is active. Many people are there to purchase your pages you can sell them online by giving ad on your own page .
  • By video monetisation: Facebook announced that you can earn money from your videos by placing ads between them. it will be starting from April 2017 you can add ads in your live videos and can make money but there is a condition.That your page have  minimum 2000 followers .

Earn money by display advertising on fb page:

You can earn money from your facebook fan page by showing ads on it. Display advertisement on Facebook page with a active following base is can give or paste adlinks on your post .the easiest methods is posting amazon associate ads link on your page .you can make your account on flipkart and amazon associate and can get the ad links.Hence you just have to post them on your profile. Whenever they got a deal from your link .you will get commission from the company. you can advertise different companies product on your page . Some of them are following. 

  1. Amazon: you can make a account on Amazon associate and can get product URL.Then just paste the URL on your page post . Whenever a sale is made you will get commission.
  2. Flipkart: similarly like amazon you can use flipkart affiliate links. and post them on your page similarly you will get commission when a sale made.
  3. Godaddy and hostgator : you can promote godaddy and hostgator products. like hosting or seo services on your page and can get commission
  4. Myntra and shopclues: like flipkart and amazon you can promote mantra and shopclues products on your page and can make money.

Tips to get more likes on your facebook pages :

  1. Post daily on page :  In order to get your page more active. you have to post on a regular base. I suggest you to post daily 5 to 10 photos and 3 to 6 videos on your page .and tell your user to share them you will get likes if the post goes viral.
  2. Run a Facebook campaign : If you wants result. I suggest that you can run a ad campaign. using Facebook ads to get likes on your facebook page.
  3. Do social campaign: you can promote your page by doing social campaign. You can promote your page in social media.
  4. Go live daily :live stream daily on your fb page. Interact with your followers and tell them to share your stream. Hence you reach more people and get more likes.

My personal review on making money with facebook:

Yes you can . This is all I want to say. If you want to earn money from online work this is how to make money. Facebook is a must have option for all of you . I personally using these methods . In my case I am using Facebook page for promoting my website .I am driving traffic from my page to my website .you can join my Fb page here . In my point of view making money from facebook is easy than other works you just need to have proper knowledge.