101 Sorry status for whatsapp,Sad status, I’m sorry quotes latest.

Sorry status and  apology Status are a part of today life. Everyone is doing mistakes in their relationship and want to apologies for their mistakes.So here I am sharing 101 sorry status you can use to make your loved one happy.Their are many common mistakes we do in relationship. If a sorry can save your relationship please go for it.you can know all about sorry Here . So without wasting any time lets start from the no. 1.

Sorry status,I’m sorry quotes list .

Sorry status
101 sorry status for whatsapp 2017 list.

1. Sorry status 1-20 whatsapp apology status for her.

1. Dear I am sorry please come back.

2. I know that I am not perfect but you are everything for me. This is all I know .

3. I know i was wrong I’m sorry that I hurt you.

4. Please forgive me dear for all the mistakes come back dear.

5.Im not perfect i make mistakes I hurt peoples but when I say sorry I really mean it.

6. Im sorry for the pain I caused you I feel so bad.

7. Im sorry but I love you forever.

8. I know that I hurt you but I want you to know that I really really love you.

9.hey dear sometimes the things are not in control sorry for everything.

10.I just want to say I am sorry and I really really love you.

11.I know that you are angry but please forgive me.

12.I think it’s my mistake sorry for the last night.

13. I don’t know what was my mistake but please don’t go I am sorry come back.

14. Oh I got it it’s my mistake please come back.

15.I know that you don’t want to talk with me but only two things I want to say Im sorry.

16. Sorry for the last night my phone was drunk .

17. I am sorry honey forgive me.

18. Two things to say I am sorry and I really love you .

19. I hurt you but didn’t mean that please forgive.

20. Please forgive me I don’t do this again.

2. 21-40 whatsapp sorry status for her.

21. I am sad that I hurt you please forgive me.

22. God knows I don’t mean that please forgive me.

23. I know you are not Superhero what you are my hero please forgive me.

24. I know you are best but I am not please forgive me and lets be friend together.

25. You are everything for me please come back.

26. I don’t know what is good and what is wrong all I want to say sorry please come back.

27. Sometimes we fight we did not talk to each other but we still love each other in the end.

28. The power of forgiveness is a worth for both who forgive and who get forgiven.

29. I am sorry.

30. Searching for “sorry status” please forgive.

31. Sorry is all I want to say.

32.I am sorry mom I forget your birthday.

33. Sorry I did not tell you the truth I did it because I never want to hurt you.

34.Hey dear I know that I am not perfect  for you but I will always love you please come back. I really really love you.

35. I know you are sad about what I did last night sorry for everything.

36. Sorry I hurt you please forgive me and be together.

37.  Sometimes it’s happen this time it happens because of me. I am sorry for my mistake.please forgive and be friend again.

38.Hey today I want to convince that I am guilty so sorry is all I want to say.

39.Dear I don’t do it again please come back.

40. Nights were nice better than day I am sorry all I want to say.

3. 41 -60 apology status for her or him.

41. Sometimes I do mistakes but all the time I love you, you know that I am didn’t want to hurt you please forgive me for my mistakes.

42. I am sorry because I am guilty.

43.  I know i do mistakes. It’s me who is wrong. This is my mistake. So I am sorry for everything. Please come back. Lets be friend again

44. Forgive me please.

45. Please come back dear.

46. I am feeling sorry forgive me.

47. Give me one chance I am sorry.

48.I am a creation of god and I am a human being. Humans do mistakes. So what I does please forgive me. I did not want to be guilty.

49. Sometimes my mistakes hurt me more than it hurts other I am sorry for what I do.

50. Sorry for last night honey.

51. Forgive me because I realise my mistake.

52. Don’t go because I love you and I am sorry.

53. Its me who is wrong hence it is my mistake sorry.

54. Sorry for everything.

55. Sorry for nothing.

56.You are my hope and love please forgive me.

57. I realise that it was my mistake. I have to take the responsibility of it. Please don’t go and forgive me if you love me.

58.I don’t know anything about it. If I know about it I don’t do that. Please forgive me for my mistake. I am sorry. Please don’t go come back.

59. I know that you are the best girl in the world. I know you love me. Please forgive me and  Lets be friends again.

60. I know that it hurts it hurts you it hurts me sorry for this.

4. 61- 80 whatsapp sorry status for saying sorry.

61. You are good and smart. Please don’t think bad about me. Forgive me about the incident.

62. Because you are everything for me please don’t go.

63. Because its my mistake I am sorry.

64. I don’t let you go because I love you so much and its my mistake hence I am sorry please come home.

65. I am sorry because it was me who hurt you.

66. I don’t want to hurt you I am sorry please come back.

67. Hi it’s my mistake sorry for this.

68. Hi dear it is my sorry status.

69. I want to apologies for every mistake I did that hurts you.

70. I want to post a sorry status but didn’t get that.

71. I am sorry come back because I love you.

72. You are angry with me because I did something wrong but please forgive me.

73. Sorry ..

74. I love you I m sorry.

75. Because it hurts you sorry for it I will never did it again.

76. You are my life please forgive me.

77  I am sorry let be friend again because it hurts.

78. It was me who do the wrong thing. I am ready for punishment but please don’t leave me please forgive me I am sorry.

79. I think I am right but iam wrong I am sorry.

80. Please don’t go. Please don’t go I am sorry and I love you.

81 -101 whatsapp sorry status for him or her.

81 My mistake iam sorry.

82. I just want to say I m sorry and I really miss you.

83. I am sorry iam not what you wanted.

84. I am sorry never want to heart little girl.

85. I am sorry I am not perfect.

86. I hate saying sorry what when I say I really mean it.

87.im sorry said many bad things that I did not have to say.

88. Don’t ignore me please forgive me.

89. Sorry I slapped you.

90. Sorry about the car.

91. Sorry about the dress.

92.Sorry I can’t pick your phone I am little busy.

93.I am sorry it never happens again.

94. Sorry I want to leave.

95. Sorry I can’t wait that much long.

96. Sorry for the inconvenience.

97. Sorry I did not mean that.

98. Forgive me sweetie.

99.last night was the worst night of my life . I am angry and I just say many bad things to you I just want to say sorry it will never happens again. Forgive me for it.

100 .Meet me today want to apologies.

101. It’s my apology accept it.my sorry status.

My words on sorry status .

We are human beings. We all do mistakes. So it’s the list of 101 sorry status what are your favourite sorry status coment below.. sorry status is best way to say sorry. Love it.