Who is technical guruji and how he becomes famous indian youtuber.

Technical guruji is an indian youtuber. His real name is Gaurav chaudhary. He started his channel in 2015. His main purpose of starting channel. Is explaining technology in hindi.He gets huge fan following. In just two years, he has now 1700000 plus youtube subscribers. Recently on his birthday. he makes a new channel. Named Gaurav chaudhary with only one video on it. The channel gain first 1 lakh subscribers in just 20 hour.

Technical guruji

Technical guruji early life:

He is a good student. and Loves to play cricket. Then he just go to dubai after his study. He lives in Dubai with his brother. He started a security agency in Dubai. Gaurav is very good in electronics. And He love to study about hardware’s.

How technical guruji started.

He loves to watch youtube. He noticed that everyone is explaining technology in english. So he take a initiative to explain technology in hindi.He  start making daily technology videos. He get support from sharmaji technical because he start getting good response from youtube. People love his explaining method. “Chaliye shuru karte hai” becomes a trademark for him.

Technical guruji achievements.

Technical guruji achieve a lot in Youtube. Therfore In just two years his channel got more than 1.7 million subscribers since he start.He gets gold and silver play button from youtube.He becomes that much famous in india. Every new youtuber in india start copying his style. He became successful in just 2 years. Recently he lauches his official app and website. Because everyone loves him both of them gets good response on lauch.Therfore both of them do well since their lauch.

His future goals:

He want to make his new channel . Names as gaurav chaudhary to be famous. So he can get a chance to go on stage and perform on youtube fan fest.Beacuse he loves to go on stage.