Youtube vs dailymotion which is better for earning money.

Everyone want to know Youtube vs dailymotion which one is better. So without wasting any time. I can tell you Youtube is far more better than dailymotion.Today I will tell you about how you can earn money from both of these platforms and which one is best to earn money. I will talk about the difference between them.Basically youtube is best because it is the second highest visited website. Traffic of this website is very high. Dailymotion has less reach than youtube.But it is good than vimeo. You can find every category video on dailymotion which you can find on the youtube.

How to earn money on YouTube vs dailymotion.

Youtube vs dailymotion

You can earn money on both the platforms by sharing videos on those platforms.You can find more methods of earning Here .Now I tell about both of these methods one by one.

(A).How to earn money on Dailymotion.

Dailymotion is a good site. It is better website than vimeo. Traffic of this website is good after youtube. You can earn money on this website by creating good videos and sharing them on the website.anyone can earn from dailymotion by using these methods.

1. Dailymotion partner program.

You can earn money from videos you created and posted on dailymotion.You just have to apply for dailymotion partner program. Once you will get approved. Ads will starting showing on your website. And your revenue start. You will get 70 percent from every ad shows on your videos.You can start making money from it easily by using this method.

2. Dailymotion publisher partner programme.

This is a another method of earning from dailymotion. In this method you need a website of your own. You just need to apply for this program.once your website get approved. You will get a syndicate key . That automatically placed into your ad units. By using this method you can embed dailymotion videos on your website. You can embed your video as well as any other creator’s video on your website and get revenue from it.You can embed dailymotion videos by placing it’s embed code on your website post.

3. Video on demand program.

This program is similar to the vimeo and Netflix video on demand program. You can sell videos on view basis for 48 hours. Or you can sell it on subscription basis for a month you will get share from it .

(B) How to earn money from youtube.

Youtube is best way to earn money online by creating videos.Youtube have a large traffic. You can earn money from youtube by creating a youtube channel. Post some videos on it and you can start earning from it. Here are the ways you can earn money from youtube.

1. Hosted adsense.

You can connect your youtube channel with the google adsense as an hosted account. The process is easy your channel shall have some videos .Your overall views should be more than 10000. Once you will get adsense approved. Ads will start Showing on your videos. You are now set to get 55% revenue share from the ads.

Mode of payment and minimum payout in Youtube vs dailymotion.

Mode of payment in adsense is check and direct wire transfer. You can also choose western union fund transfers. Minimum payout for youtube is 100$.

Whereas mode of payment in dailymotion partner program are check and bank transfers.minimum payout for dailymotion partner program is 100$.

Differences Youtube vs dailymotion.

Here are the major Youtube vs dailymotion differences. Both are the same but following are some differences between them.

1. Youtube is much bigger than dailymotion. The numbers of daily visitors on youtube is quite high than the no of visitor in dailymotion site.

2. You can earn money from another’s video on dailymotion but you can’t do that in Youtube.

3. Youtube payout rate are higher than the dailymotion payout rates.

4.There are a lot of options in Youtube whereas the options in dailymotion are limited.

5.You can easily start earning money on dailymotion whereas it is not as much easy on youtube.

6. Youtube is very popular these days. But dailymotion is not as much popular.


The concept of earning money from both of these is same. As you can earn money from both youtube and dailymotion by posting videos on the site. Whereas it is easy to earn money from dailymotion as a beginner but it is quite difficult in Youtube. Because of its term and policies. Youtube payout rates are high because adsense is best ads program. Whereas dailymotion rates are not good as compared to the youtube.

You can start your video marketing career or an online video channel on both of these platforms. The reach of youtube is better than dailymotion. So far Youtube is best for creating a good channel. But you can start on dailymotion to earn money. As it is easy to earn money on dailymotion as a beginner.